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Rigid Foam Clips – The Need and Why

In the past 5 years the Federal Government has spent more than one trillion dollars providing tax breaks and incentives for home owners to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses. Often these upgrades are done improperly and do more harm than good, due to the difficulty of installing the required blocking and ventilation. The Rigid Foam Clip eases the installation of blocking and ensures proper ventilation where required.

The Insurance Institute of America reports winter storm damage costs an estimated two billion dollars a year in personal property damage. These damages include ice damming, freeze and thaw damage, mold and indoor air quality issues caused by these problems. Installing rigid foam using the Rigid Foam Clip aids in resolving all these issues by providing unobstructed consistent ventilation and permanent attachment where required.


As a builder, with 30 years’ of experience, we have renovated and repaired hundreds of homes due to inadequate insulation and /or lack of ventilation causing ice damming. Often roof sheathing and roofing are compromised along with interiors destroyed due to these issues.
Many homes have radiant heat in the floors. Often these floors are not insulated properly beneath the radiant tubing resulting in major fuel consumption and lack of boiler efficiency. Prior to the Rigid Foam Clip, insulating these areas properly was very time consuming and expensive.

We have been installing rigid foam board for roof venting and radiant heat installations for years in all our high end buildings. The results have been unparalleled by any other product or method available however, prior to the Rigid Foam Clip, the labor and material costs were not affordable to everyone.
As a contractor we often would sub the insulating out to an insulation contractor. If we were to request a dense pack insulation,  the  contractor would insist that carpenters install all ventilation and blocking due to the extensive labor and material required to install adequate board stock. The Rigid Foam Clip will allow a person of limited skill to accomplish this installation.



After years of researching an easier way to install rigid foam boards in a way that creates the most energy efficient structures, we developed the Rigid Foam Clip. There is currently no other product available that will install rigid foam boards as illustrated.

Our mission is to provide an installation device that will conform to all the different product thicknesses and installation situations that may be encountered. The Rigid Foam Clip is designed to do this with the least amount of material waste or the need for skilled labor for installation.

US PAT # 8955280
US PAT # 9243400
other patents pending

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